UAE Embassy exhibition held in Riyadh on the occasion of the 90th Saudi National Day

Vouch, one of the Ibrahim Al Sharidah Holding Group companies, organized the 32 Saudi Stories Exhibition, which is held by the UAE embassy in Riyadh, in the Zone, at Al-Takhasusi Street.

Where the exhibition included 32 photographs by 32 Saudi photographers, the photos were chosen by National Geographic Abu Dhabi magazine.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia participate in its celebrations of the 90th Saudi National Day. The Saudi-Emirati relations are a model to be emulated in relations between countries, and it is an impermeable wall against intrusive projects in the region and a deterrent against destabilizing the two countries and threatening their national security, as both are one entity in the goals and destiny.

The Arab National Geographic Magazine, published by the Abu Dhabi Media Company, allocated its Arab readers a special gift in its September 2020 issue that celebrates the 90th Saudi National Day.

The gift included 32 distinct photographs from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to appear as diverse stories that tell about the rich geographical and cultural diversity in its various regions from its north to its south, and this rich diversity in Saudi Arabia is one of the most important tourist attractions that contributed to the fame of this country, which constitutes the largest part. From the Arabian Peninsula. This unique geographical diversity enriched the cultural aspect of the country’s population in all its different details from one region to another. This shows unique heritage stories that are not similar in their chapters and stories.